About Us - School Board

A School Board provides a structure and process for genuine partnership in planning and decision making within a Catholic Education community.

Aims of the School Board

Identify, enunciate, nurture and celebrate the Special Religious Character of the school

Support processes developed by the school staff aimed at improving student learning outcomes in accordance with the education vision and mission. 

We promote Catholic education that:

  • Lives out the local Church’s education mission

  • Strives for educational excellence

  • Contributes to society 

Decision Making

The philosophy and practice of Collaborative Ministry and Sharing Wisdom are the essence of decision making and ministry of Boards. 

“To each the Lord gives a piece of the wisdom. To no one does He give all the wisdom of God. We all get different pieces. And as a consequence, we must share our wisdom.  We must hear, respect and treasure one another’s wisdom. We must work for a climate that is open and respectful.”

Policy Development

Schools adopt polices approved by the Diocesan Education Council. The School Board may need to develop guidelines to support the implementation of these    policies. School Boards may also identify specific areas of school life they believe require the development of policies.


Board Meetings are held once each month.  Parents wishing to serve on the School Board must attend an in-service on the aims, responsibilities and shared decision making process.