About Us - Positive School

A whole-school approach to mental health and wellbeing aims to contribute to:








At St Anthony’s we:

  • Promote mental health and wellbeing
  • Encourage respectful relationships, belonging and inclusion
  • Foster effective social and emotional learning curriculum for all student
  • Provide opportunities for students to practise and transfer their social and emotional skills
  • Have collaborative working relationships with parents and carers
  • Support parenting


Student Welfare Program: Solving the Jigsaw

Solving the Jigsaw, Changing the Culture of Violence and Building a Culture of Well Being, is a violence prevention and wellbeing program which provides a whole school approach to violence and bullying. A trained facilitator implements the program with students in all year levels with the assistance of all school staff.  The program allows for whole class, group and individual participation in Jigsaw sessions. Two year levels will participate in intensive coaching sessions in 2015.

The program supports children to gain in confidence and self-esteem and also to gain enhanced social skills. Bullying behaviours are addressed through group awareness and children become more resilient by expressing themselves in a positive manner.


School Counselling Service

A counsellor visits the school each Wednesday and Thursday to assist children and/or families. Referral to the counsellor may be made by a teacher or parent.  Referral forms are available through the school office. These forms are returned in the envelope provided and passed on to the School Counsellor.


Declaration against Bullying and Violence

(The Queensland Schools Alliance Against Violence (QSAAV)

 At St Anthony’s:

  • We strive to ensure all students are able to learn and work in an environment where they feel safe and are free from bullying and/or violence.
  • We seek every opportunity to encourage school staff, parents and students to work together to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills that support learning,positive behaviour and constructive social relationships.
  • We implement policies and strategies guided by current research on effective approaches to the prevention of bullying and violence.
  • We use our role in the community to raise awareness that bullying of and violence toward children and young people are issues for the whole community and require a community response.