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An application for Student enrolment is to be completed in respect to every child for whom enrolment is sought at St Anthony’s.

Parents and care givers are asked to accept the conditions of enrolment fully in respect to each child. These conditions include that they and their family respect the Catholic identity of our school and agree to support and contribute to it, commit to supporting our school values, accept the religious education classes and other religious practices of our school and meet the obligations to payment of school fees and levies.

The enrolment of students who require significant educational adjustments will be in accord with the Diocesan procedures which provide clear advice when trying to ascertain the support required to support the student adequately or appropriately.

There is a priority for enrolment which is as follows:

  1. Students with siblings who currently attend or have attended the school or college
  2. Students whose families worship in a Catholic parish
  3. Students whose families demonstrate a commitment to the ethos and values of Catholic Schools and have a desire for faith education in the Catholic tradition.

Students are not excluded from St Anthony’s if genuine financial hardship prevents the payment of school fees in total or in part. However, exemption from payment of fees must be requested each year through due process with the principal.

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